My sexy mom at 50!


My mom just looks great for her age, and I find it hard to believe that she is 50 years old. All of my friends at Gatwick escorts think that she looks great as well, and she is actually a source of inspiration to us. As a former Gatwick escort herself, she really is a stunning woman, and I love the fact that she seems to know how to make the most out of life as well. Some moms become a bit boring as they get older, but this does not seem to have happened to my mom. She can certainly keep all of the girls at our Gatwick escorts service on our toes.


Mommy leaves in the country with my dad but loves to come up to Gatwick. Quite often she goes shopping with me and my friends some Gatwick escorts. She is so fantastic and has a youthful outlook that she just feels like one of the girls. My friends at Gatwick escorts love her and always ask her advice. I must admit that sometimes they treat her like their own mom, but I don’t mind. It just makes me realize what a great woman she is, and how much she has to contribute.


The boss of our Gatwick escorts service thinks that she is stunning as well. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure that he fancies her a little bit. But, I have no worries there, I know that my mom is madly in love with my father and still fancies the pants off him as she says. The girls that I work with at Gatwick escorts from always laugh when my mom tells them stories from her own life, and I think that we all benefit from her personal life experience. I would absolutely hate to lose my mom.


My mom sold her own business a few years ago, and now she works from home. I know that my dad loves that, and he pops home during the week to take her for lunch and stuff. I am not sure what else they get up to but I could guess. Mom has taught me and my friends here at Gatwick escorts about life, and I love the fact that she is very open minded. Some of the other girls here at Gatwick escorts think that she is slightly nuts, but in part this is what keeps her young.


Youth lives in the mind, says my mom and I agree with her. A couple new girls recently joined our Gatwick escorts service, and they cannot believe my mom is 50 when they met her. She dresses nicely but not too young. Mom has a sophisticated touch about her and I think that helps a lot. Her sense of dress and general outlook is what keeps her young. Of course, then there is that little naughty giggle as well, and I think that is something that my dad really appreciates, you can tell by the way she looks at him.

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