Being an escort is about so much more than being a tart

A couple of the girls at the gym that I go in South London found out that I work for a London escorts service. Ever since then they have been telling everybody in the gym, and now a lot of people look at me a little bit funny. One of the girls have said that I am nothing but a cheap tart. Not only is it hurtful, but at the same time, it is not true. I don’t know any girls who are cheap tart and work for a London escort service..

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Does it have to do with jealousy? I have come to the conclusion that it might have something to do with jealousy. When you look at my lifestyle, you can easily tell that I have a much better lifestyle than most of the other girls at the gym. Many of them are working all of the time, and lot of the girls that I speak to at the gym, can’t afford to take holidays. At least my work at London escorts has allowed me to get my own place and I even have my own nice car.

On top of that I have a wardrobe full of nice clothes. Most of the girls that I meet outside of London escorts do not have any nice clothes and certainly can’t afford to purchase and invest in designer brands like I can do. When I was younger, I did not think that the quality of your clothes mattered a lot, but it does. You can soon tell when some one wears nice clothes. I can afford to buy nice clothes, and I have London escorts to thank for that.

Do I think of myself as a tart? No, I don’t think of myself as a tart at all. I don’t know that any of the girls that I work with at London escorts think of themselves as tarts. I really don’t think that a lot of gentlemen would like to date us if we behaved and acted like we were cheap tarts. At our escorts service in London, we do a lot of dinner dating, and there is no way that you can be a cheap tart when you want to date gentlemen who like to go out for business dinners. I would not even consider myself a cheap tart.

It is not easy to earn a buck in London, and you really need to come up with some sort of niche market. I think that working for London escorts is the perfect niche market. Sure, there are some girls who work for certain escort agencies who are kind of tarty, but at the end of the day, most girls that I know are rather classy. The gentlemen who enjoy the company of escorts in London are mainly looking for companionship. It is all too easy to presume that they are looking for cheap tarts in London. If you like cheap tarts in London, you can find them not just at our London escort service.

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